NUR 643E Health Assesment Topic Reflection 2

Complete a 250‐word NUR 643E Health Assesment Topic Reflection 2 reflection of what you have learned during this topic. Include the following in your reflection:
1.Think about an experience you’ve encountered when viewing or completing the particular assessment.
2.Discuss difficulties that could potentially arise or specific questions related to completing this type of assessment.
3.Include illustrative examples of potential strategies used to overcome the difficulties encountered when completing (the particular) assessment. NUR 643E Health Assesment Topic Reflection 2
4.Describe how the Christian worldview and compassion for all plays a role in this type of assessment.

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.


Health assessment topic reflection

The health assessment topic was informative with regards to identifying one facet of nurses’ function. It introduced the concept of health assessment as the first step in identifying the health care needs of a patient. Health assessment makes use of physical examination to develop an understanding of what patients need from the medical perspective and how nurses and other medical personnel can meet that need. In addition, the topic distinguished health assessment from diagnostic tests that are conducted when a specific disease/condition is suspected following the presentation of known symptoms and/or signs. Besides that, the topic identified that there are four types of health assessment NUR 643E Health Assesment Topic Reflection 2. The first type is initial assessment conducted to determine the nature of the health problem reported by the patient. The second type is focused assessment that exposes and treats the health problem. The third type is time-lapsed assessment that is conducted to assess the problem as the patient’s condition is stabilized and the treatment proceeds. The fourth type is emergency assessment that seeks to rapidly identify the root cause of the health problem along with assessing the patient’s circulation, breathing and airway (Finkelman, 2016) NUR 643E Health Assesment Topic Reflection 2.

Although health assessment improves the speed of nursing intervention through presenting a targeted for nursing care, there are concerns about accuracy and comprehensiveness. This is especially of concern when it is considered that nurses have different experience, knowledge, and skill levels so that there are no guarantees that two different nurses will always present the same health assessment results for a patient. This variation on assessment outcomes based on individual nurses has implications for the care approach selected. This concern is best addressed through having standards, protocols and policies targeted at ensuring that the most accurate assessment results are presented based on the current available verified evidence. NUR 643E Health Assesment Topic Reflection 2. Besides that, health assessment should be accompanied by diagnostic tests to gain an accurate understanding of the health issues affecting the patient. Overall, health assessment is an opportunity for nurses to offer compassionate care that is in line with the Christian perspective through empathizing with the suffering and pain of patients, and presenting an early treatment plan that relieves the pain and suffering even as other assessments proceed for more comprehensive care (Cherry & Jacob, 2016).


Cherry, B. & Jacob, S. (2016). Contemporary nursing: issues, trends, & management. Amsterdam: Elsevier Health Sciences.

Finkelman, A. (2016). Leadership and management for nurses: core competencies for quality care (3rd ed.). London: Pearson Education NUR 643E Health Assesment Topic Reflection 2.

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