Nurs6003 Discussion week 2

Nurs6003 Discussion week 2

Nurs6003 Discussion week 2

Strategies for Addressing Questions

While continuous learning is essential to ensure the best patient outcomes, it is also an excellent opportunity to explore interests or even become a recognized expert in a field of study (ANA, n.d). It is no secret that starting new adventures can bring on many questions and concerns. Starting back to college was a new adventure, and with that, I found myself full of questions, fears, and doubts.


Since choosing to take the AIM path through Walden, how long is it going to take to complete the MSN portion? This question is something Amanda; my academic advisor can address. How long do I have to complete my clinical hours? Claudia, my student success advisor, was able to provide the information about the length of time allowed to complete clinical hours. Her answering this made me feel better knowing the time frame that is allowed. Whom will I be able to use as my preceptors? There are some qualifications providers have to meet to be accepted as preceptors. Two professional contacts have already said they would be more than happy to have me complete whatever hours I can with them. Preceptors must submit their information to Walden to see if they are acceptable. This was a question Claudia answered as well. The area I live in is pretty saturated with FNP’s, is it challenging to find a job after completing the MSN program? Quantitative data research and professional opinions are how I will address this question. Nurs6003 Discussion week 2.



Students perceive online courses differently than traditional classroom courses. Negative discernment can lead to unfavorable learning outcomes, including diminished inspiration and perseverance (Kaufmann, 2015). While I am painfully optimistic, one main concern I always let bother me is if I am even capable of completing my MSN. I am not sure why I doubt my knowledge and experience because I have always been told what a great nurse I am, but earning your MSN to start working as an FNP is entirely different Nurs6003 Discussion week 2.

I start to over think things but have to take a deep and remember the support I have in my corner. I also worry if I will have a hard time balancing life and school. I work full time, have two young children, it is also summer break, so that means not much quiet study time. In addition to children, souse’s can also start to feel neglected if we cannot manage time correctly.  We all know completing an online program can be a long process (Online Colleges, n.d), but with determination and hard work, I believe anything is possible.


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Nurs6003 Discussion week 2

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