Charismatic Leaders and Communication Essay

Charismatic Leaders and Communication Essay

1. Charismatic Leaders and Communication
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Do you think communication is more important to leaders now than it was in Hitler’s and FDR’s time? Explain why you think so or why you disagree. Who is a more current charismatic leader that you know of, and how are they similar to Hitler or FDR in their communication style?

Charismatic Leaders and Communication


Although mastery of communication is still an integral skill in today’s society, its high impact has arguably weaned compared to Hitler’s time. Notably, in the later era amid the absence of the modern technologies, mass communication was mostly reliant on extensive masterly of communication to appeal to the masses in rallies Charismatic Leaders and Communication Essay. However, in recent times technology has advanced significantly opening other avenues such as the social media where one can effectively reach and engage the masses through written messages and prerecorded videos. Moreover, technology has ushered in public speaking support devices such as teleprompters, which with little practice can be employed in the delivery of speeches by people with low oratory skills.

Thinking about charismatic leaders of our time, no one befits this reference better than former president Barrack Obama does. At its coinage, max weber used the term charisma about leaders who could inspire, instill conviction, and instigate devotion to a cause (Baur et al., 2016). In this regard, Obama’s charisma is no doubt similar to that of Hitler. Notably, the two leaders rose to fame from very ordinary backgrounds and could communicate the challenges of the society in a manner that appealed to the emotions of the people. Their communication was filled with a message of hope and a better future with the conviction that if people rallied behind them, they would steer the society to this future. Although different in what they instigated, both leaders message called people to take action. Notably, Obama’s communication encouraged people act, as evident in his appeal for campaign financing that saw multitudes contribute or the massive turnout to vote. Consequently, Hitler not only instigated hatred towards the Jews but also had his country psyched up to reclaim the lost glory that eventually led to the Second World War Charismatic Leaders and Communication Essay.


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