Tips on Writing a Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is almost similar to an argumentative essay. As the writer, you take a stand where you either support or oppose an issue. Whether you are against or for, you must have arguments built on solid points to convince the reader to join you.

A persuasive essay tries to win over the targeted audience to accept the writer’s point of view. This essay requires extensive research to provide new and convincing information to the reader. By writing rich content, it brings out both sides of an issue. A persuasive paper demonstrates why your stand is correct and also why those opposing are incorrect.

A persuasive essay is not harsh like an argumentative essay; the points are put across more gently and kindly. You do not attack the alternative views. Your language is persuasive in an attempt to convince those opposing to believe in your point. So, what is a persuasive essay? This is a paper to persuade an audience to act or think in a specific way.

The Five-Step Writing Process for Persuasive Essays

If you know how to write a persuasive essay, you are aware of the five steps that must be followed. At, we use this approach to give you an excellent persuasion essay. The process including the following steps:

1.     Prewriting for the persuasive essay

The first step of writing a persuasive essay is the prewriting stage. It is essential and helps you plan and come up with points for every step of the essay. Here are things that you come up with in the prewriting phase:

During the prewriting step, you should also create a persuasive paperoutline. A well-organized essay helps you write a powerfully persuasive essay. If your lecturer has asked for a specific essay structure, incorporate it in this outline. But typically, the essay should have six paragraphs.

Persuasive essay outline

Introductory paragraph

Start with the introductory paragraph. You should make sure:

Body Paragraphs

The opposing view paragraph

Conclusion Paragraph

Restate your thesis and evidence and reinforce it without introducing new points.

2.     Drafting the persuasive essay

Write persuasive essays require you to draft the paper according to the steps to writing a persuasive essay. The initial draft must have the following:

3.     Revising The Persuasion Essay

After writing the persuasive essay, you should revise and modify the essay until it looks flawless to you. When revising the essay, keep the following points in how to write a convincing essay:

The structure of a persuasive essay is easy, and up to this point, your essay should be well structured. If you feel it doesn’t sound right, change the thesis and come up with the strongest arguments. With a well-built argument, everything will fall into place.

4.     Editing the essay

Proofread the essay and correct all grammar errors. Also, make sure the proper format is used and improve the clarity. If not sure how to write a persuasive essay, you should look at check tips in a persuasive essay guide. You can also ask a friend to read the essay or seek our services at for proofreading and editing services.

5.     Publishing the Persuasion Essay

Once you are sure that your perfect is perfect, it’s time to publish it. By publishing it, you can help others learn how to write a persuasive essay step by step. Some may leave some feedback, and you can use their comments to become better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a persuasive essay?

Writing a supportive essay requires you to know what makes a good persuasive essay. Here are some tips that you should follow:

What is a persuasive essay and example?

A persuasive essay is an academic paper where the writer uses reasoning and logic to express their points legitimately. Expose clear arguments and provide support with convincing, logical reasons and facts.

What are the 3 parts of a persuasive essay?

Apart from knowing what is a persuasive paragraph, you should also know the three parts of the essay. They include:

What is an example of a persuasive essay?

How do you start a persuasive essay introduction?

You follow these tips when writing a persuasive essay introduction:

A persuasive essay must be convincing gently. Support every point with logical reasons and credible facts. The writer is expected to let the readers know why their point of view is the way to go. If you need assistance on how to begin a persuasive essay, do not hesitate to talk to us at We are experts in writing a persuasive report or essay.

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